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Hi I'm new to  this website and I am a beginner in gardening. I bought a strawberry plant from the shop in a planter it had grown quite a bit with two fruits already on it. I gave it water everyday and after about a week I gave it some fertiliser that you mix in water but the fruits just shrivelled and the whle plant is almost dead its just drying up. Please help. Thank you.


might actually be too much feed and water.  its a little late for planting strawberries for fruit this year might be too strong a fertilizer most of mine are 1 capfull to a gallon of water.

strawberries like it a bit dry too much water and the plants will not like it.  try cutting down on the watering hopefully they may recover and grow runners and you can transplant into the garden and get a better crop next year.




Thank u, I had a suspicion about the fertiliser it's good to know I can try to save the plant. Ok so how do I keep the plant alive in winter can it stay outside?


Strawberry plants do survive outside in winter but they have to be strong plants in the first place.

Check for vine weevil, take the plant out of the pot and look for white grubs in the roots.




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