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Just found the latest survey on the Which website.

A Which? survey has revealed that it’s definitely worth taking a plant back to the garden centre if you’re not happy with with how it has grown - provided you've looked after it correctly.

Only a fifth of those who had experienced problems had tried to return a plant, but those that did were pleased with the outcome. Six in ten received a replacement and about a fifth received a refund. Only one in ten were refused any kind of compensation.

Has anyone had success returning ailing / dead plants? After how long?

Hiya FloBear, I take anything and everything back if not "fit for purpose"......always a good line to use incidentally.
My local GC has. a 5 year growth warranty. So far I have returned plants that have.failed in first year and in second. B & Q occasionally have supplied duds.....not often I buy there....and I return for refund. My local GC has never complained when I return if I have my receipt.
My online purchases are usually very good but I have had the occasional problem and as long as its reported in good time and the reason for complaint is.a genuine one I have always had a refund or replacement
Always complain if plant is not as expected

Verdun, you have the right attitude there and Brumbull, I agree more should complain - including me! I will always do so for household items etc but for some reason would not think of doing so for a plant - unless it karked within a week or so. I hadn't realised that many places have 3 or 5 year comeback periods.

A thought, though - how can you prove that you looked after it properly?

FloBear, it's not for,us to prove we treated it properly. If the plant is dead, dying or pathetic we simply say we did the right things, produce receipts and expect the warranty to be respected by the vendor. Always ask for the manager too. Top man always best.
Never shout, be angry or be a nuisance. Complain with right on your side without showing any signs of nervousness. .best to show disappointment and expectation too though.
Dont forget our future custom is always wanted
Shrinking Violet

I tried it with a local nursery.  I bought over £100-worth of rhododendrons and azaleas 10 years ago.  Most flourished - one did not.  I went back (about 12 months after the purchase - but with photos of the established rhodo/azalea bed that I had created) and the manager blamed me.  Said I didn't know how to look after the plants.

I walked out in high dudgeon, and haven't been back since.  My tale has been oft repeated locally, so they did themselves no favours.

Just to prove the point, I dug up the failed plant, and in the same planting hole I put a rescue plant (another rohododendron) from a local garden centre.  It has thrived, and has caught up with all the others that had been planted.  I'm looking forward to its blooming again this spring (if we ever have one, that is!).  The buds on it are looking promising at least.



Interesting tale, Shrinking Violet. As you say, they are doing themselves no favours because you now tell as many people as possible what a bad deal they gave you. I look forward to seeing pics of your rhodo/azalea bed when Spring is finally sprung!

Brumbull, good point! Verdun, wise words  . I always keep receipts anyway - I suppose I put it down to my own incompetence if things go wrong. Man up Flo!!!

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