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just heard from the mother in law this is probably deadly nightshade. Can anyone advise and or tell me what it is or what to do with it. Thanks


 if you would like further pictures i can add them for you. Chris

Woodgreen wonderboy

Seedheads look like aquilegias, as do the leaves. If so are pretty and harmless. Will seed around and reappear next year, but may have changed colour. Magic!


Agree, it's aquilegia vulgaris, commonly called granny's bonnet.


Yes, it's an aquilegia possibly alpina (hard to see from this angle - Nutcutlet will be able to tell you I'm sure), otherwise known as Granny's Bonnets and Granny's Nightcap amonst other things.  Not adviseable to eat it but not 'poisonous' like Deadly Nightshade - a lovely garden plant.  

It will selfseed and you'll get different shades and colours - lucky you - look after it and enjoy it 

Thanks very much for the fast replies this has grown from under the gravelboard from my neighbours side, when can i take the seeds and replant elsewhere in my garden? sorry if i sound dumb lol bit new at gardening



The seedheads will turn brown, and then they will be full of shiny black seeds Just scatter these around where you want them next year


When the seeds tip out of the pods into your hand they're ripe, just scatter and wait.

On probability it's more likely to be vulgaris than alpina. A lovely plant whichever one it it


You don't sound dumb, it's sensible to ask if you don't know - how else are you going to learn?  And anyway, we like helping so we like people asking questions 

I would wait until the seedpods ripen (turn brownish and dryish) and they then open and you find them full of little seeds.  There's lots of info here

about how to sow them etc.  Enjoy - this could be the start of an obsession  

Thanks alot, you guys are great


You can  also cut some of the heads off when they have almost dried /ripened,put in a paper bag and the seeds will then fall into the bag,so you can spread them where you like.

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