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Should I cut back to base?  Also, is now a good time for dividing, bearing in my they don't like movement?


yes you can cut it back Tim, it's over for this year.  I've never divided one but I don't think I'd do it now if I did. It's dormant and may rot in the winter rather than grow

Alina W

I divided mine in spring, if that's any help.

flowering rose

you need to keep it in damp and shady place and water well in growing season it does die back and will be back next year but it has to be watered well.

Alison Shillingford

Spring division just as it starts growing again. Cut back now!



Yes, I agree.  Cut it back now and it will start growing again in spring.

I cut back when its died down.  I also have devided mine and have got some super plants from it, I can't remember what time of year I devided it but would guess it would be in the spring

Thanks folk.  Too late to get out now with secateurs.  Already on second G&T.  Health and Safety of course! 


You must finish your g & t.  Gofd thinking about health and safety there.  Might be wise to have 3rd drink to consider just how to cut back your dicentra.  

I only cut back the decaying foliage and leave green's a marker as to,where it is.  Occasionally it will send up some further flowers

Thanks Verdun.

The border where it is is only about foot and half deep.  In front is Geranium which is also looking tatty which I know I can chop back.  The border is going to look a but empty afterwards.  Any ideas of what summer planting I can do to take over as the dicentra dies down (or pruned back).  I have tried crocosmia (small dainty type about  same height as dicentra), but despite lots of fresh greeshorts in spring, because the dicentra does such of good job of blocking out light under its canopy, the crocosmia doesn't stand a chance and never comes to anything.  Need something that can burst thru' Dicentras canopy in around early/mid June and take over from where Dicentra left off.  As people might know, Ive only got small garden so I really cram stuff in but any gaps look really huge in a small garden. The Dicentra does really well because its a semi-sheaded position and only gets direct sun in the first 3-4 hours of the day.


On this sauvignon I wouldn't want to be handling the secateurs. I'm surprised I can still spell secateurs.


I would move the geranium somewhere need something to look at its best right now in front of your dicentra.  how about a geum called Totally Tangerine?  mine has been flowering for 4 months and no sign of relenting yet.  or a marguerite for the summer months to be replaced by a wallflower in winter? leucanthemum broadway lights?  I have a couple of dicentras that are well disguised agastache does it for me as well as that geum.  Some astrantias repeat flower if cut back early...a lovely white one I keep going on about called Jumble Hole is already .3' tall on its second flush.  but astrantias look good when not in flower anyway but flower for such a long time.  Rudbekia goldsturn would look good there too and disguise fading foliage of your dicentra.  Or a dwarf dahlia...I have a few small dahlias in yellow, white, etc that are smothered in flower on neat compact mounds.  Salvias and veronicas will provide tallish blue or purple flowers that would look good there.

nutcutlet wrote (see)

On this sauvignon I wouldn't want to be handling the secateurs. I'm surprised I can still spell secateurs.

Verd have you got shares in Geums Incorporated?

Hi, over the last 2 years a bleeding heart has appeared and grown to about 3 feet high in my garden,I honestly don't remember planting it but unfortunately it has grown between 2 bushes and we were unable to enjoy it properly. I do know that they should be kept out of the wind and think I have found a spot where it will get morning sun to, can any one tell me the best time to move it, should we wait until it flowers in the spring before moving it? Should we put any thing in the new soil to help it along?


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