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Duncan Blackwell
I planted my Quince trees today, first one was the Japanese Quince. When I removed it from its pot, I could see hundreds of yellow eggs and maggot looking creatures around the roots. I removed most of the soil from the roots and used a hose pipe to wash them so that the eggs and maggots cleared off. Planted the Vranja and noticed the same thing, took nearly an hour to get rid this time though as the roots were so tightly packed. Did I do good or are these creatures part of Quince life?

If it came with eggs and maggots send it back

Were the maggots  moving?

Slow release fertilizer pellets have been mistaken for eggs before now

Duncan Blackwell
Maggots were crawling. They were fat and very white, not the sort you find on dead animals. Also the eggs were full of liquid when squashed and different sizes

Ugh. I think you should be in contact with the place that sold them. Damage may have been done to the roots


The dreaded vine weevil?

I would have taken them back as well, and i would think twice a

bout using that place again.


If the maggots had brown heads..........vine weevil.  If you are keeping the tree, wash all the soil off and then re pot.  Alternatively, drench it with Provado which you can still just about  use now.

Duncan Blackwell
It's from a big firm so I don't think its a deliberate act. I've emailed them to let them know though. The roots look fine so hopefully I've caught it just in time.

For sure they are vine weevil.  I would not have planted them.  Ask for your money back but, more importantly, excavate and remove the soil from your garden.  There will be more eggs etc and larvae you missed.  

Ask for compensation too. This is horrendous 

Duncan Blackwell
It's planted in a huge planter, there was nothing but bare roots after I had washed the soil and creepy crawlies out. The weevils are all extremely flat now too. The other bush only had the eggs and that came from a different supplier. I say eggs, but as both plants from different suppliers had them, could it be slow release fertiliser after all??

Ok, claim compensation anyway from weevil infested supplier.  Say you will name and shame here if they dont

What do "eggs" look like in other plant?  They may well be fertiliser

I would apply Provado vine weevil killer to both pots ...claiming the cost from the company supplying the vine weevils 

Duncan Blackwell
I took a look on eBay at slow release fertiliser and the pics are exactly the same as I had with the Quince so I'm sure now that's it's not eggs. The maggots had no brown on them at all either, just white all over and fat

Yes, vine weevils.  The brown bit is the head and not always obvious on larvae.

Duncan Blackwell

Just recieved an email with an extremely sincere apology. They have offered a full refund or the plant of my choice totally free. Due to having no space left in the garden I've opted for a refund, although I didn't expect anything at all.
Stacey Docherty

If they have offered it then hound them... i received a rotted clematis from a company and called to complain they offered me a replacement which still hasn't come so I called them on monday they had no record of the replacement being ordered so have ordered me another replacement ( although I hang my head in shame as the original dead rotten rooted clematis has since sprouted in my kitchen and is now about 1.5 feet high!!) keep the email ..... Keep hounding as a consumer you have to protect your purchasing right and power



It sounds as if they may be aware that they have a Vine Weevil problem at their nursery.

Well done Duncan. That's brilliant.  

Duncan Blackwell
Dove, they did seem genuinly shocked that this had happened, I guess its difficult to know what's lurking below the surface.

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