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joyce mannell

I cant dig out the monbretia in my borders which took over this year as I want to grow other plants any advice welcome

Hello Joyce.  It is a persistent thing.....those little but numerous corms remain in hiding in the soil to continue growing.  Digging is the only solution I think.  I have successfully done this but it takes couple of years or more.

Digging deeply and getting as much out as possible without the clumps breaking up too much is the way. Then digging over again.  In future years be prepared to remove all future growings as soon as seen.

If digging really is impossible then glyphosate is your only alternative but I don't think this is very satisfactory unless persistently applied to every shoot you see throughout the growing season

joyce mannell


Thank you for the quick reply Ill have to get a man in todo this job 

would nerine lillies be the same


Hello Joyce.  I am still trying to get rid of mine after several years but I think they are finally giving up.  Do as Verdun says and when you see new growth perhaps slide a trowel down the side and lever a clump out.  They are a pretty flower but I find they flop about over other plants and that is why I wanted to get rid of it.  Good luck.  

joyce mannell

Thank you Forester 2

I thought they would have come up easy now its going to be a job I cant do as it will affect my back and  dont want anymore problems this time of year 


Yes, get someone in to dig the clumps and clear the soil.  As Forester said, thereafter a trowel to dig up,rogue pieces will be simple.  

I grow the slightly more restrained crocosmias....lucifer, for example.....and these too need to be controlled.   I do,this by dividing every 2 years or so 

joyce mannell

Thank you again for the advice

I hope everyone has a lovely christmas and a healthy new year 



gardenning granny

Did you say Lucifer was restrained Verdun?  Mine move themselves where they want to be and multiply faster than I can deal with!  There are few friends that haven't been given a clump.  But they are stunning in flower.  There are some delightful smaller varieties though which don't threaten to overrun the garden, like Emily Mackensie and Mistral.

The old orange ones stop flowering if they are congested but shouldn't be too difficult to lift and remove - they are not deep rooted, just persistant.

Sounds like a job for the scouts in bob-a-job week Joyce!  Best of luck.

Gardening granny.......ha ha.  Lucifer is very aggressive with me too but the wild montbretia is worse that's all.  I too give away clumps of lucifer and I grow some of mine in 5 litre pots sunk into the ground.  Then they are restrained and lifted when flowerimg is over.  

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