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I'm desperate! My health has deteriorated over the last few years, I am housebound and bedbound a lot of the time so can no longer garden. This breaks my heart as I still have plans I want to carry out, new plants I want, plants needing moved, divided etc. My greenhouse desperately needs cleaned too. I have tried many suggestions from people but always end up with people who only want to cut grass (I have none) and hedges. It's not as if I have a big garden I don't know where to turn and can't bear to watch it go downhill. Help!

Hello Cassie,

Sorry to read about your health.  In my area there is a local charity where volunteers will come and sort out gardens, among other things, for people who can't manage it for themselves.  Perhaps there is something similar in your area?  Your local council will know.

Hi Cassie

Sorry to hear that you are unwell. I am a professional gardener and I receive a lot of my work as i am affiliated to check a Depending on what part of the ou the country you live you should be able to obtain a qualified gardener from this site. All the tradesperson are checked stringently for good work and you should be able to get a gardener in to carry out all the works you have mentioned
All the very best

I live in an area heavily populated with elderly and also disabled folk and nearly all of my patients have their gardens done by local firms really very cheaply.

Some will only do grass but a lot will do beds and other gardening tasks/cleaning paid by the hour, it's a matter of ringing round really and seeing who will do the work that you want doing.

It would be best to get an experienced/qualified gardener as there are a lot of so called qualified persons who no very little about horticultural. Unfortunately there are people who take advatange of the elderly and disabled when they purport to be a gardener when they wouldn't know what a daffodil is if it hit them in the face.
Sorry to be negative but it would be better to get a friend or good neighbour to recommend a gardener who has worked for them


Missy Krissy

Hi  Cassie,

Sending hugs to you!  There is nothing more frustrating that wanting to do something and not being able to.  I think contacting your council is a great idea, also what about contacting Scope, maybe they'll be able to offer advice?

Where are you based? Maybe someone on this forum will be know of someone that could come help you out As Tetley suggested.


Also what about contacting your local Gardening Club, Hort Soc, etc - there may be someone with the urge to do more gardening than they have room for.

Good luck

Cassie please tell is where you are...not your address, of course.  Maybe one of us lives nearby!  I would jump at the chance.  Esp if a cuppa and a bikkie or two were on offer 

Its great you have the desire and imagination to garden.. I can feel your frustration.  Do you have a local Age Concern you could approach?   

You clearly have a lot of support here even if not the physical help you require.  There must be people locally who can help you...just spread the word as much as you can.

wish you well Cassis.  Let us know how things develop 

Thank you to everyone for their kindness. Local horticulture dept of college is closed, fairly local garden club no longer exists, Age Concern do not offer garden services in my area. I've had a few people in who have dug up plants (they thought were weeds) refused to clear slabs of weeds because they don't particularly like weeding and didn't want to put down new stones because there were too many! It's soul destroying.

Keep trying Cassie....spread the word 


Cassie as Verdun asked earlier what part of the country do you live in ? No one will turn up at your door, we don't have your address but someone might be able to give you some help if you want it x

No Kef that's no prob, I had already replied to Verdun privately. I live outside Glasgow

Sending sympathy cassie I am also unable to do any heavy work anymore it's a problem finding someone you can trust isn't it. I don't mind paying but don't want to be ripped off like greenfingers says. Ihope you find a solution.


Is there a Timebank or local Voluntary Action group in your area?

A timebank is where people offer their skills, services and time for no payment.

I know Glasgow is a big place, so this one may be no good location-wise, but as an example, there's one covering the Castlemilk area

I've heard if that. Thanks, I'll have a look. ????

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