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Has anyone else noticed a problem this year with declining numbers of daffs appearing where they are naturalised or semi-naturalised in grass.  I have a meadow which suffered badly in the wet summer last year, which was then followed by a very damp winter, and I'm beginning to wonder if it's had a lasting impact on the daffs.  In some areas none have come up where there have always been some over the last seven years.  Or am I just being impatient?  Often the tips are visible by January, and the first ones are out by now!

hollie hock

So far here, I think we are going to get a better show of naturalised daffs on roadsides/hedges/banks that we did last year. You may be right though, last year the daffs didn't do at all well, it might take them a couple of years to recover.

All my spring bulbs are later this year than last


Yes - even some of my snowdrops have only just come out now, only to be flattened by ice and snow!


Most of my daffs are fine but where the ground was under water for weeks they haven't appeared at all. 


That's the same problem I have.  The ones in the garden which is well drained are fine but not a sign of them in the areas which were waterlogged for so long.



I'm not really surprised. I'm hoping the snakeshead fritillaries in the same area will appear soon. It's more their habitat. 



Good luck with the fritillaries - mine have started to show in most of the usual places. Some compensation!

I regularly drive past a college/university which has loads of daffs in the grass at the front of the college/university in March/April, this year is no exception all the leaves are appearing...but....they are planted on a hill so presumably it's well drained.


Bunny ...
The ones in verges appear same around here amongst the grass ..they're always late , one end of road starts first ....eventually works way along . Currently up but tight buds .
The wild lent lily daffs which grow along the banks of the local streams and rivers here are all flowering well, and they've been underwater for a lot of the time. I wonder if garden varieties are less resilient?

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