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Having removed my broad beans I forked in pelleted chicken manure and  planted out my cauliflowers from their 1 litre pots .... firmed them in , netted them  and now the outer leaves are all going orange... what's this about ?


How long have they been planted out?  If fairly recently I would expect that they are just adjusting to their new situation.

However, cabbage root fly infestations can cause discolouring of leaves, as can club root infections - and this wet season would be a classic for bad club root!

If they've only been in situ a little while my instinct would be to leave them and see if they start to grow away - if they do it's likely to have been transplant shock.

Alternatively, if you can bear it you could pull one of the worst ones up gently and see if there's any nasty root fly infestation of the roots, or swollen deformed roots (club root).

What do others think ? - I've not grown brassicas for a while but those are my thoughts.

Thanks for those suggestions.... I'll do as you say... leave them a week and if getting worse pull one up and investigate for root fly. I had given up with brassicas 'cos of all the p and d's that come with them but was given these plantsfrom a friend.

Hooray for the Sun !!


We've got intermittant sunshine here too - hope the plants aren't too soft to cope with it 

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