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I have just acquired some old double glazed windows from a conservatory being demolished, so that I can build my own coldframe. But I don't know if these are the energy efficient K glass. If so, I'm not sure how light levels and heat level will be affected. Is K glass any good for using in a coldframe?   Thanks


I don't foresee much of a problem-the light levels will be marginally lower the insulation will definitely be better-it will be heavier of course- and you may need to ventilate more-but other than that if it is going to be virtually free-go for it -I would


Hi Tessa777

I am about to do the same thing, we have a 4ft window with 2 opening at the top so hope this will be OK for ventilation.  We are waiting for a couple of pallets to arrive so will look at making some sides but haven't a clue how at the moment.  There was a thread recently regarding making a cold frame and ideas on how to do this cheaply  but can't remember what date or if you can do a search.  Perhaps the person who wrote it may be watching or if one of the experts may be able to help. If you have success please let us know as I would be interested in how you manage.

Good luck 

regards Chris 

Having made several cold frames the rules are simple. Back higher than front, sides sloping to fit back and front together and top window on good hinges plus overlapping the side and front slightly.
Depending on what pots you are putting in or even if planting into the soil as with a nursery bed depends on the height 12 inches back to 9 inches front or 18 inches back to 12 inches front it all depends on what you need. Four 2x2 inch corner stiffeners to fasten the side to with screws and a device to hold the lid open at various heights. Once sitting in position its own weight will hold it, more so with double glazing.
It should get plenty of light although South facing may be too hot, it needs a sheltered spot. and the thing to remember is at ground level with cover the soil will be a lot warmer inside than out, remember to water and open on warm days closing each night.
Hope this helps




 Frank and Flo I am putting mine on a patio will that still be OK and thanks for the info will do some more research.



Thanks everyone! Good encouragement!

hollie hock

Hello eveyone, I love my coldframes, they do so much. Most of  my plants have been grown in them. So economical to build.

Tessa- great freebie, I accquired  a smallish glass panel a while ago, it  was very heavy.

I guess that my coldframes look a bit like sturdy mini greenhouses.



 Flo- now you can tell me how it's done


Hi some great ideas never thought of making shelves, suppose that's being a newbie to gardening, we live and learn everyday.  I suppose with shelves it would help the fact that mine will be on a patio. 

Flo thanks for the link and yes thats the link I was refering to.

Regards Chris



@flobear.. please tell me how to add links to teh posts.. i cant do it all .. keeps trying.


Linking to a forum thread, I go and find it but don't open it to read the posts. I right-click on the thread title and, in the menu that opens, left click 'Copy shortcut' . Then when I type my post I paste the link into the box.

I'm using Internet Explorer but it must be similar in other browsers.

See how you go with that, gardenfantic.



To paste a link to a website, I find it in the search engine and, after checking it's what I want, I go back to the search engine page, right click on the hyperlink (underlined) that I used, choose 'Copy shortcut' and proceed as before. I expect there are at least three other ways to do all of this, some may be easier!!! The link below is coming out as a very long thing, unlike what I copied, but it should work.

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