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otnorot but just call me Bill

We have to keep a close watch on our lilies as these bugs will destroy a lily by eating the leaves and flowers.I hand pick them every morning and evening.



Hi Bill, welcome. We have them in Switzerland too, I guess they're international!


We have them in France too unfortunately, revolting little things.


They made the trip to Scotland a few years back unfortunately.

That Hadrian's Wall needs re building...


I've discovered a way of keeping my lilies in pots beetle free for as long as possible, but without using chemicals.  I've done this for the last several years.  I leave my lillies down the side of the house until just before they  bloom.  Not sure if the wind tunnel effect between me and next door stops them from landing on them, or because they just havent seen them yet, but after several weeks of growth, lilies are completely clear.  And I know the Lilly beetles are around because I have caught two on my Crown Imperials, which are only 15 feet away around the corner on the patio!


hi tim well im going to try that  as i also have a wing tunnel effect with the cross winds living next to a field as anyone any ideas as to what plants dont mind gale force winds i lose so many to the winds

At the end of the "wind tunnel" in the back garden I've put a bamboo (robusta) in a large wooden trough, So it doesnt spread.  It gets bashed about a bit, but it lives up to its name and survives the onslaught very well.  I water and feed it copiusly from the water butts and is now over 12 feet tall.  It takes all the force out of the wind.

Lots of details here:



thanks tim i love bamboo i have one in a pot thats only tiny but i am definatly going to buy some

otnorot but just call me Bill

Tim I have something of the same situation,my yard/garden is 45 foot wide facing south.I have lilies on the West side and I kill 8 or 10 a day,on the East side I've never been bothered by the beetles



Maybe that's why they've taken so long to get up here Tim!

On the subject of wind break chica it's a question of layering- heging and trees to create a filtering barrier. Hawthorn is good as it's very robust and is great for wildlife too. You can then plant 'in layers' in front of it.

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