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This weed was growing vigorously in my lawn about 50cm square - I have dug it out but would love to know what it is.  Took the photo after it was dug out of lawn

Could it be Pilosella officinarum, Mouse-ear Hawkweed? That has white hairs and spreads in patches in lawns. It has yellow flowers in summer.

It would help to see a photo of it in situ.

Thanks for reply landgirl,

I had already dug it out before thinking to take a photo but the leaves look 'heartshaped' and Pilosella have longer leaves.  The leaves are definitely hairy though.  We never saw any flowers on it.  The roots were thick and fairly fibrous. 

OK, Sweet Violet Viola odorata?

Its possible as I have some of that under the trees in our garden but it certainly doesn't look like the type we have and the one under the tree is not hairy.



It's not a violet. It looks a bit familiar but I can't seem to get there.

nutcutlet wrote (see)

It's not a violet. It looks a bit familiar but I can't seem to get there.

Snap Nut - yesterday I was looking at the bugles, but without seeing more of the structure ..... 

Don't think its Hairy Bittercress as it didn't grow in a rosette shape but more sprawling and intertwining.

Can't find a picture of Snap Nut anywhere except in motor vehicles websites!!!



Lizmac. that's snap,  we both agree. and Nut, me.

Unfortunately we both agree we don't know what it is. 




Liz - I've just seen from your details whereabouts you are - I was down your way yesterday - hope your garden's not under water today 

No - fortunately we are on top of the cliffs in Felixstowe though lower areas have been under water and populations evacuated.  They are expecting another sea surge tonight!


Yes, my family are all down the Suffolk coast - several have been cut off but are ok - brother farms land just to the north of you but large areas are under seawater.  Fingers crossed for this evening - although the surge won't be so bad there's still a lot of water that hasn't drained away yet.

Will keep my fingers crossed for your brother and all the others - this part of the world usually suffers from drought!

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