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I planted Dogwood in a semi sun/saded spot, between trees, but it doesn't seem happy and is loosing leaves though I water, fed and have sprayed it once thinking it had some sort of something eating it.

Might be worth having a look at the roots, see if they are pot shaped or have any problems
Stupid question, has it been well watered?

Not a stupid question Rebecca.  Stifyn plantIng between those trees means a dryish spot.  Dogwoods love water and need some moisture at least initially.

I would make a recess around the dogwood and mound up soil as well to make a sort of well.  Then water as much as possible.  I think ??ou will notice the difference.

However, I,would move it in the  autumn to a better, more water retemtive spot.

I was wondering about water, i use dog wood for wreaths in the winter, its easy to bend because its still quite wet

Thank you Verdun. Will give it much more and see if it gets to autumn befor moving, ta x



If the stems are still ok, you could try a few cuttings for inaurance

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