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In amonsgt the stalks of a tub of Chrystanthemums I discovered these three object. I've know idea where they came from or what they could be - they were not there a the weekend.
The are almost spherical, 1 pink and two yellow.  I tapped them with a cane and they felt quite solid.

Any ideas?




could they be mini puff ball mushrooms ?  I had a white one in my lawn the other day, about an inch or so in diameter ..................

Jean Genie

Could they possibly be gall ? Do chrysanths suffer from that or am I being silly .

I wish I had got back to you sooner.
I took a pair of salad tongs and removed them from the tub and left them on a short brick wall.  It rained heavily that night so I wondered what would happen - I had it in mind that snakes might come out of them or something like that.

What was really odd is that they turned out to be bon bins - you know those toffee sweets with the flavoured sugar coating! I couldn't believe it. None of us have ever brought those sweets into the house, and how they got there to this day remains a mystery.



When we first looked at them OH said Marshmallows and I told him not to be silly - I shall listen to him more often 

Thanks for telling us 


Foxes probably put them there.


nah they do the glacier mints

blackest wrote (see)

nah they do the glacier mints





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