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I think i have downy mildew on my greenhouse cucumbers, any suggestions?? thanks

Alina W

Are you sure it's downy mildew and not the more common powdery mildew?

Treat ment of the latter here, and of downy mildew here.


More likely powdery mildew, it gets my cucumbers every year but not for long though.

I found this recipe online and didn't believe it would work, but it does. Mix 50/50 water and ordinary cows milk together and pour into a sprayer. Spray the leaves. Repeat about 3 times. Does not keep, so mix a fresh batch each time.

I think the trick with this one is, spray at the first sign of an attack. And I haven't a clue why or how it works, but it does.

Great advice thanks guys i will go in armed!!


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