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Stephanie Beirne


Can anyone advise as to how I can improve the drainage in my front garden. It's on a slight slope toward the house and last night's heavy rain is still sitting there. I really wanted to plant dwarf box hedging to line the paths but it won't survive waterlogging like this.


Have you asked a vuilder avout the chances of installing land drains? If you can't have land drains put in I'd plant a bog garden.


waterbutts been in the vino 


Stephanie, my garden is horrible for drainage too. Over the last few years, I've been chucking tonnes of well-rotted horse much on it, and it is improving. No where near as bad as it was. I used to have 6 inches of standing water all Winter, now it's just a temporary day or two before it drains. I'd hate to think how muany tonnes of horse muck I've got on it though............. 

Stephanie Beirne

I don't think the land drain will work as there is nowhere for the water to drain to except downwards. It's only a small area that is sodden, about 4ft X 6ft, the rest drains away OK.


Emma, I will have you know I haven't touched a drop. It's this d.....d iPad thingy. I'm a trained touch typist and I can't stand it.

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