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Our front lawn faces a masive field of dandelions which are very attractive when in bloom but once the flowers die back all the seeds end up in our lawn. Have tried to dig them up but they appear faster then I can dig them up. Someone recommended applying vinegar but surley it would also kill the lawn. Can anyone suggest how I can eradicate the dreaded dandelions?


Hi , In the spring you can apply a weed & feed type product (Evergreen Complete is one but there are others - make sure you select one which is for use in spring) which will fertilise the grass while killing off moss and broad-leaved weeds.  


I used a fantastic weed,moss killer and lawn feed, Westland,  the grass was so lush it looked almost blue.

flowering rose

all you need to do is get a good trowel and dig the root out ,a long task but worth it and if your in need of coffee you can use the roots or the leaves for salad.doing it by hand is cheaper(free) and no toxins involved .


If you're going to do it by hand, (and that is perfectly possible no matter how many you have, it will just take time) the best tool to remove dandelion roots is a Daisy Grubber

If you don't get the long tap root out one dandelion plant will turn into dozens without even having to have flowers and seeds!



There was an item about killing dandelions in a lawn on Gardeners' Question Time, this afternoon.  One tip was to make up some weedkiller and dab it on individual plants with an artists paintbrush.

Dandelion roots can be over a foot long!

Hello Dovefromabove and Lyn

Have tried weed and feed but found it would not kill dandelions. Will try it again in the Spring and hope for the best.In the mean time I will try digging them out with a Daisy Grubber eventhough it makes a mess of the lawn.


Hi Ahmadmirza - some of those dandelions can be tough, and of course getting the doseage of the weedkiller right is tricky.  I have a similar problem as when we moved here the gardens had been neglected for 20 years and now that I'm retired I have time to tackle it properly - this past year we've just been mowing to prevent the dandelions from seedng and infesting the neighbours' gardens.  

I've got some weed and feed which I shall give a go in the spring.  In the meantime I shall do as you and use a Daisy Grubber - they do work once you get the knack - but it could mean several days on my hands and knees on the lawn - OH might have to haul me back to the vertical after that  

I know it makes a mess of the lawn, but if you do it in the winter, by the time you've fertilised it in the spring it'll soon perk up and the mess will be all gone.  In fact, while the lawn's looking a mess it might be a good idea to give it a good rake and spike it all over with a fork to aerate it - then it'll be fantastic next year. 

Alternatively you can use the 'paintbrsh and glyphosate method', but you've still got to pull them out when they've gone brown. 

Good luck 



I have a similar problem, but its a neighbours garden. They rarely cut the grass and have loads of dandelions, but when they do cut the grass, all the dandelion matter goes up into the air and then settles in my garden. 

Cutting your lawn regularly keeps the lawn weeds at bay, but I also paint the dandelion leaves with glyphosate. The one I bought had a little brush on the underside of the lid. 

Thanks Dovefromabove for summarizing what needs to be done to eradicate diandelions. It is a long time consumiing process but hopefully it will do the trick. Will get to work as soon as the weather permits.


Last year our grass was a yellow carpet but after using the Westland this spring, they were gone, never had one, however, i can see a few now, so next March it will get another lot on.  i found that that is the only brand that really worked.

gardenning granny

I bought a lawn weedkiller spray and start in the spring with a quick burst to each rosette of leaves as soon as|I spot them.  If you do go the daisy-grubber route take a pot of compost around with you to fill in the resultant holes - in fact if you have heavy clay like me a nice gritty compost actually helps the lawn.

I detest dandelions too and am not allowed to use weedkiller - poison in the garden! Dandelions are an invaluable source of pollen and nectar for honeybees, often when there is little else available. I dig up dandelions and find that the smaller ones are easier, especially when the sides of the plant are loosened with a weeding tool. With the bigger ones, I dig up what I can, fully aware that they will come back! I console myself that the lawn is green because of the weeds...  Top up with gritty compost afterwards.

My neighbour picks the dandelion heads and feeds them to his chickens. I don't let my dandelions flower and don't like using weedkiller but will do anything to get rid of them.Gardenning granny can you tell me the name of the weedkiller you use and if it does not kill the grass. Another one of my neighbours sprayed her dandelions with a weedkiller and now has great big brown patches all over her lawn.

I had a very similar issue in my yard. The dandelions in my yard seem to be spreading every day. I found a resource that said if you mow your lawn frequently and have it aerated its supposed to prevent them from spreading or coming back. Has anyone else tried this approach?

Here's that article. I appreciate the help!

Thanks in advance 


I have heard the same thing but found it had no effect on the dandelions I had. Mowing the lawn frequently keeps them from seeding and spreading which is a good thing. Have not tried scarifying. The only thing I found works is digging them up individually and that is very labour intensive.  

Will they guaranty to eradicate the dandelions, if so I am interested.

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