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The bin-men left me a nice present when they left!


Whats the best way to fix this? Its about 10 inches deep.




Hiya bluebaron

I would complain to the bin men's bosses.. Take photo with you.  A refuse lorry damaged a neighbour's wall and the company had to rebuild it 

Can't see your drive  too well but can you cut back to where the bin men damaged the turf?  What is your drive made from?  

Could you gravel it?


If the bin men won't do anything then you could do what I did when my horse galloped on the lawn. Insert a garden fork and lift the earth then carefully shake it down again and sow some grass seed. The earth has been compressed, it needs uncompressing.


HI blue, iv seen this before and the council were very helpful repairing it,there should be no problem whatsoever just call the refuge office or your local council they should send someone round to see it and then someone to fix it easy 

Busy Bee2

Tyre poppers?  Really sharp looking stones to line the drive on either side, pointing upwards.  We put some on our verge, and it worked for a while, until some *(%£%&! actually moved them aside so he could drive some HGV or tractor over it, churning up the verge again.  Next time, we will bed them in concrete!!

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