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The leaves on an acer platanoides tree which was planted at vour local hospice two years ago have suddenly gone all droopy and limp. We know the ground does get wet where we out it and I wondered if the recent rains have affected it.

Any thoughts on the cause and, more importantly, have we lost it?

its very wet where i am and mine looks ok at the moment...they hate the wind though and leaves go brown!

Lion S

To me it sounds like Verticillium, a soil-borne fungus  Acers are very prone to this disease. If it really is Verticillium, there is no cure I'm afraid. Do you have any pictures of the tree in that state? That could make things clearer for us.

im no expert but following on from the last post i had a different plant with a fungus problem and the my gardening centre recommended i wash the plant with soil, bark and branches with a patio cleaner ...think it was almatroc (not sure of name), followed by an anti fungal spray when leaves appeared...having had two bad years with this plant its now back in shape..

We have now lost the acer platanoides and an acer griseum planted nearby in the hospice garden. On speaking to the local nursery who supplied them, it would seem that they don't like very wet ground - which is what we have. Come autumn we will purchase another acer griseum and plant it in a drier area.




Our lovely red acer is now about 7 years old, last year I noticed that the leave never fully bloomed and were very limp, at the end of last year I noticed some of the branches looked dead so I removed them


This year the leaves are again wilting and no better than last year, soil seems good, part sun, part shady.   any suggestions please.


Chris Ackroyd

I have found they respond well to a good load of well rotted kitchen compost

they just bounce back. The twiggy branches on mine are wind damage, they Hate

wind, I just remove them 

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