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I have succesfully grown lupins for several years but this year the plants appear wilted and although the flowers are a good 1 foot long they have bent in half.  It now looks as though the plants are dying - any suggestions please?

Alina W

Are they in pots? If so, look for damaged roots, perhaps by vine weevil?

I have a lupin which has just done the same thing.    A week ago I was admiring the 13+ flower spikes on it, and suddenly they all went like an upside-down U.   I put it down to the heavy rain and winds we have been having - although my husband pointed out that our neighbours lupins were not affected.    The plant is just coming into its third flowering season, and is planted into good soil.    I would love to know what is causing it.   Any ideas?


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 might help


I'm having the same but no lupin aphid of other pest damage, although the majority of mine have all now collapsed! I'm guessing it's a combination of weight of stems and being battered by rain but, as a relative novice, i'd welcome any thoughts.
Total Novice

I've also got this problem. I left them out overnight after buying them planning on planting them in the ground the next day. There was strong wind that night and the next morning the lupins were drooping.


My lupins have been in the ground for about 3 years now.  Last week some of the flower heads all started drooping bending back on themselves, however after a few days amazingly they have righted themselves.


If the plants are newly bought, check the root systems before planting out. Nurseries force plants along to keep a schedule of sales and we've had atrocious weather to boot. Your plants may be growing beyond what they can sustain.

Last year I bought a rose from B&Q that had absolutely no roots and had to leave it in its pot for the rest of the season.


is there anything we can do once they've drooped?

Alina W

You can try tying them to a cane. keep them watered and in a sheltered position and there's a chance that they will recover.

After a wonderful show, my best lupin has also wilted and collapsed. The plant seems to be in bad condition although it's in good soil and this is it's third season... It seems to be a bit sticky looking and I was wondering if slugs and snails may have had their wicked way... A nearby lupin seems fine - touch wood.

this year one of our Lupins has developed the main flower head, with lots of smaller

flower heads around the main flower head, is this unusual ?


No not really Graham, it's probably that the plant is a few years old and so can develop many stems now

I have had lupins for the second year after planting and they have been absolutely beautiful in the ground in good soil.  These last few days they have drooped from the top on only a few of them, the rest are fine.  Strangely enough, my hollyhocks which flowered last week, have also drooped from the head.  I have staked the drooping ones so will wait and see what happens.  Must admit, the wind and rain might have been responsible but 2 stems were lying on the ground and me thinks the foxes I get in my garden sometimes, may have flattened them.  I will keep them and use the seed heads later.


Mine are also drooping and wilting and have only had two flowers. The stalks seem to be diseased also as they have gone black-any further ideas??? They are in a bed not pots

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