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Secret Squirrel

hi, I bought a lime green dwarf conifer last week, I have noticed the top has started to droop. The rest still looks green and healthy. Is this just a settling phase? I have never seen this with my other dwarf conifers.


Can e have a photo Mark. Some conifers always droop the leading shoot

Secret Squirrel

Sorry nut, I cannot work out how to upload a photo


To upload a pic that's saved on your pc, click on the green tree icon on the toolbar above where you type your post, and follow the instructions 

Hello's not picea albertiana conica, is it?  I wonder if it's a form of spider mite, picea mite.  Bit early but if it was indoors before you bought it.   Spraying with water is the solution to this. It's a regular problem in the summer for me but dampening works very well 


Secret Squirrel

thanks Verdun, I'll check the name. It was outside when I bought it. I'll try spraying it with water tomorrow.

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