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My winter flowering pansies have literally been dying overnight. They seem to be covered in aphids and little white specks. Help!

I grew pansies few years back as groups.  Suddenly they deteriorated and died. It was pansy sickness.  You,may have this too.  The aphids may sImply attracted to the soft dying foliage.

You could treat the symptoms....viz., the aphids and leaf,issues....but I would plant something else whilst there is still time for them to grow and create a show for the summer

Thanks, never heard of Pansy sickness, is it in the plants when you buy them?


the aphids will have sucked the life out of them, either spray or bin. Pansys do get a type if rust on them, spotty leaves is a sign. But your problem is probably with the aphids and white fly.

Hiya kath, I think they probably just succombe to the disease for some unknown reason.

Treat yourself to some new bedding plants....not pansies or violas.  Dont plant these again in that bed for couple of years or more.  


Think I may have same problem. Pansies were looking very sickly and soil around them appears to be covered in what looks like sawdust. Have binned pansies, tulips are now coming up in same pot so not sure whether they will survive. 


I find that pansies and violas have really not enjoyed the mild wet weather we've had this winter. 

Lift your pots off the ground so that they drain well - the tulips won't like to be too soggy - but hopefully they should be fine when spring arrives. 

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