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All my snowdrop petals have been eaten.  Would this be slugs and snails?  Shouldn't they be hibernating at this time of year?


Have they been eaten or are they still lying there. Birds sometimes just peck flowers off and leave them. Doubt slugs and snails for the reasons you give. Might be the same b..... that's eaten my hellebore flowers

There is absolutely nothing left at all so very odd.  My hellebores are fine but in the garden not under trees.  Having said that the snails I get in the garden would grace a French restaurant table they are so huge and prolific!  Beetles maybe but wouldnt they take bits rather than totally demolish?

Sue T

Same problem but just discovered some petals half torn so think the answer may be birds. I keep an eye on them but never see it happening though we do get wood pigeons and they have a reputation for this sort of thing.


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