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I imagine with these warm temperatures they're breeding already and well on their way to causing chaos. I'll have to get my chop sticks out sooner than later and declare the truce over.

 What a lot of replies Tracey...haven't had time to read them all but replying to your first Q, if the shell has been cracked in half for frying, baking etc I just rinse the two halves in water under the tap and put them in a plastic container in the kitchen, they dry in a few day's, them crunch up... when the container gets full, I put the lid on and store in shed ready for use. 

For hard boiled eggs, providing it's just the skin and shell...that goes into the plastic container too...egg shells don't do your soil harm... it's good to recycle and adds small amounts of calcium. I tend to use shells just in pots though or the GH beds.

Orchid Lady
Thanks Zoomer, yes a lot of replies and some no good for squeamish me, it's a wonder I can get any gardening done LOL!!
Kathy 2

My dad used to put his eggshells in the microwave. I put mine in for 1 to 2 minutes depending on how many there are, then put them in a pot or plastic bag to crush them. Mind you, I don't know how much good they do as I still find the little blighters eating my plants.  


I use sheeps wool around plants and find slugs don't like it, however you do need to have a sheep farm just down the road! 

If you have a friendly farmer you could offer to buy a fleece they are only worth a couple of pounds each so a fairly cheap way of dealing with slugs, it also makes your hands soft!



Anniemarshy. your knowledge astounds me. LANOLIN is the grease from sheep wool and has many usages. Some of the process had to use human urine, to set the dye for the cotton mills down south as it held the dye for Tartan and the posh (cloth) in parliament that used them for curtains, it was called tweed!!! That is why it smells of piss! Sorry to others, but there is no other word for it. When London had the cholera epidemic they closed the sewers from parliament and took the pump handles from the streets, no one had water. MP's died when they insisted on the return of their water supply and the people on the streets (without water) got better.  We now have no control over who monitors and adjusts our water supply, its just a big conglomerate. We have no choice! 

Just saying.

We are all mugs.

P.S. rant over.


” There are None so Blind as Those who will Not See ”



No need to be rude Edd.  I'm not sure how your rant on lanolin helps with detering slugs.  


Sorry hun. My apologies. I get distracted now and again.

I did forget to say the slugs hate the stuff. The reason why? I still am looking for but i think it has to do with the waxy texture. I do hope you can expand on my knowledge, please. 

Kind regards


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