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My garden has been overtaken by ivy, and it's now creeping it's way over all the brickwork of house and garage. We've tried every year to get rid of it, but it comes back all the more determined to take over! Any ideas?


Hi Abbie, try Roundup it works wonders on bind weed and I have found it does the job on Ivy as well. Spray it onto the leaves and hopefully it should work, you may need to do it a few times. Good Luck


if you have a flat roof dont let the ivy near it as they grow through the roof.

Sound dramatic but we got a man and a bobcat in and dug the whole area out.

It's a shame plant eating bugs don't like ivy!! I'll try the Roundup tho...



Cut through any ivy at the base of your wall. Cut a gap in the stem a good 6" apart, as long as it's not just a cut to seperate, as it can heal itself., leave it to die off before pulling it away. It's less likely to pull out any mortar if it's dead. Just before spraying with round up etc, bash the leaves with rake, stick anything to bruise the leaves so the round up is absorbed better.

Ok to bash the leaves and spray ..but be careful that there are mo birds nesting in the ivy!

We've got the same problem. The answers on the internet seem to be: cut all foliage as far back as possible, leave to die, spray with weedkillers (carefully) especially on cuts or new growth, and KEEP AT IT, watching for new growth and hammering it as soon as you see it. Patience is going to be required...  

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