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Sara 4

I have just heavily cut back a massive laurel which was cramming itself into a raised bed, and found in the middle of it a single stalk (maybe 7 feet long?).  About a foot from the end, and presumably where cut back as part of previous laurel trimming, there are quite healthy looking small branches, which are trying to bud.

The majority of the stalk has been so starved of light that it is almost white, and now it isn't leaning on the laurel cannot support itself.  I have tied it to a temporary post to see if it manages to flower.

Obviously it is going to need to be cut right back, but there is only this one stem from the root, and there are no obvious growth points anywhere except right at the top.  What height should I cut this one stem down to?

If it's not too much in your way you could leave it tied to a cane, feed it. bit and wit for more shoots to grow from th base. Do you know what variety of rose it is? Not a dog rose!?

Sara 4

Do you really think more shoots will grow?  There are no signs at all, and it must be quite old, just terribly badly treated.  It looks like it should be a 'proper' rose - the buds look as if it might have white flowers.

I'm not sure how old "quite old" is but it obviously had enough oomph left to produce one good long shoot. Plus, when it finds out that it's no longer buried inside a laurel bush (hate 'em) it may be jolted into life. Nothing to lose!

Sara 4

True enough.  I  hate laurel as well, I enjoyed chopping it down and I can't imagine why anybody would want an eight foot cube of laurel in a raised bed!

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