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Hello there,
So I've recently been interested in growing a few rainbow eucalyptus trees to make into bonsais or grow into large indoor plants. Unfortunately, every time I attempt to grow the seeds, they die at the exact same point.

I've germinated 3 groups of seeds: one in regular soil, one with an extremely diluted amount of miracle grow, and the third with oxygenated water (from a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide). I don't go crazy with miracle grow or hydrogen peroxide...especially while sprouting seeds.

EACH TIME they sprout after a week or two, grow for about 8 days, and then die. All of them. I can't figure out why in the world this happens. Perhaps the soil I'm using is not conducive to seedling growth? A high humidity and a reliable, warm temperature was always kept. It's just odd that about the same time of death for ALL seedlings has been consistent.

any suggestions?


Have you tried any in a gritty compost? No extras. 

Seeds don't need fertilizer, and if you've got an open compost there'll be plenty of oxygen. They may have over-eaten and got indigestion


In Australia, I have seen eucalyptus germinating in very sandy free draining soil, low nutrient levels, and low humidity. 


Very beautiful tree, found in Hawaii, not Australia. Is Hawaii very humid?


Are they damping off with high humidity?if so a fungicidal spray may help.


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