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somerset steve
Morning everyone! I love my euphorbias but the black pearl has some stems where the leaves are turning yellow and falling off and other stems which are not affected. Is this just part of its natural growth process or is there something wrong? All the gorgeous flower heads are in a good state its just the leaves starting to drop from the lowest foliage of some stems upwards. I'm wondering if some of the stems should have been cut off to give the plant a refresh? I know it can get to several feet in some cases and am eager to keep it under control.
Hiya Steve,
I do not allow,flowers on my coloured or variegated euphorbias to form...I grow for foliage colour.
Many euphorbias become biennial if flowered stems are not cut soon my opinion. Cut back as soon as flowering is over.
There are so many clones too....some poor plants and better ones of the same variety. Most euphorbias are short lived anyway.
So, I think your euphorbia may be getting past it's best. I take cuttings every year and these root easily to produce good size plants the following year.
I grow euphorbia rubra ..a purple variety....and never allow it to form flowers....they spoil the foliage and weaken it my opinion. I do same with White Swan.
Old leaves and stems do deteriorate, almost suddenly, with age.
I would propagate your plant steve

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