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Does anyone know when European Spindle starts to come into leaf?  Mine look dead!


Wait a minute, it's still light, I'll go and check mine


Sorry Mrs G, I've got leaves and flower buds

Mine still looks dead, I'm sure it will be fine.

Ha ha looks like a wait and see job then. 


I nearly dug it up last year because it looked so lifeless, but I got distracted and then it burst into life, so I just leave it to get on with it now.

I have two small European spindles that I bought last autumn which are now out in leaf and one is about to flower, but I am in the sunny south. One is about a week behind the other because it's in a shady spot, I expect yours will be fine though.

Thanks everyone we're in Leicestershire so I'll wait and see

Hey Mrs. G, It's alive, noticed well developed buds while I was beheading a fern earlier. It didn't look like that the other day.

Thanks Lisa.  I gave the bark a little scratch today and it was green underneath-yay!

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