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06/05/2013 at 18:36

I need an evergreen bush to go in a extra large pot.  One that has some interest


06/05/2013 at 18:55

What sort of aspect will the pot have? N/S/E/W -Centre of garden, against a wall; sheltered; exposed; is it to screen; what style are you after? You will get a better answer if you can give a little more detail 

06/05/2013 at 19:03

South facing, against position in a sheltered position.

06/05/2013 at 19:06

An evergreen azalea or rhododendron will happily grow in a large pot whatever the situation.

In sun choisya ternatta.....the Mexican orange rich green, richly scented evergreen  that can be pruned to nice topiary shape.  Taxus Standishii is lovely erect yellow conifer and Taxus Coppershine is orange in spring turning to yellow in summer.  Easy conifers resistant to scorch or browning

Phormiums or,yellow foliage can look very impressive

In partial shade pieris is good as is camelia if no early morning sun. Hydrangeas too are excellent if you can water well


06/05/2013 at 20:20

I have a Pittosporum tenuifolium in a really big pot for a few years now and it's been wonderful. Doesn't like to be exposed to cold winds so should do alright in the position you have for it, although I've had no problems in slightly exposed driveway in north of England. I heartily recommend it.

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