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Can anyone please recommend a quick evergreen climber to cover a 6ft fir tree trunk. I have been looking at planting a jasmine but wondered if any one had any other ideas. I cannot go for honeysuckle as there is one on a fence approx. 2 feet away. Thanks

Thanks Joe

Simple one would be Ivy. The Clematis is obviously more attractive.


Solanum for me is evergreen.  Album is superb.  White flowers for ages and very quick growing.  

Not evergreen but I planted clematis Montana over an old conifer for a friend a few years back and right now it looks superb.  I also erected a tripod of galvanised rods and wrapped clemaris support around the trunk.  

Many honeysuckles are semi evergreen and quick growing and. Hey, those scented flowers   Oops!  Just noticed you did not want honeysuckle.  However, I have 2 different varieties over an arch and it Provides a profusion of flowers and scent so why not go for another variety?

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