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Hi all, I'm trying to sort my lawn out at the moment.  It has quite a bit of moss and weeds in it and the grass has also took a hammering due to some work we've done in the garden of late.

I've purchased some Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 to try and sort this out and eventually feed the grass etc.  It's rained quite a bit in Manchester over the past week or so, has chucked it down today and should rain again tomorrow.  Is this a good time to lay the mix then as it there will be enough rainfall for it to wash in, or should I wait for the grass etc to dry out a bit first.



Rob what does the packet say? Does it state what conditions you need (temperature / for it not to rain for xx hours afterwards) ?


I wouldn't put it on if it's going to rain heavy as it can just wash it away,especially if the lawn is well drained.

The instructions can be a little confusing, if the grass is wet when you apply it can stick to the leaves and cause a little burning.

I try to put it on when the soil is somewhat damp and the wind as dried the grass.

Its best to put it on the lawn before it rains. It might be best to airate the lawn if youv had building work.

Perfect, thanks for the tips - I think I'll let it dry out a little and airate first!


Chicken pelets work well on grass too


Ideally when the grass is damp not soaking Rob, as others have said. If the grass is long it might be best to get a cut done first - or maybe a couple - so that it's a reasonable height before you apply. Normally, if it doesn't rain after a few days you need to water it to avoid it scorching, but at this time of year it's not usually a problem. Sometimes a second application's needed if you don't get all the weeds first time round.

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