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7/8 yrs established conifer hedging is dying off2.5m tall and annually trimmed for hedging; leaves are dying and causing large patches in areas. I have been informed to scarify the hedging; also that it is a parasitic disease?

Any advice?


How do you scarify a hedge?  New one on me.


Must mean leaving scars in it Welshonion

Yep, u can use a broom to brush the dead bits out. Just 'sweep' the surface. It'll kind of rain conifer crud, so u might wanna put a tarp down. This'll allow air and light to circulate. You mite be able to let it grow this year and then pull some nearby long bits through the damaged sections to green them up. They're definitely not shade patches, are they? Where something's planted close to the hedge and has shaded out behind it? Conifer hedges do not take at all kindly to being planted against, which is why people tend to use yew for that... Anyway, give it a sweep (maybe after dark or the neighbours may send for the padded van) keep it really well watered this year, maybe give it a liquid feed every few weeks and see wot happens. That'll give it best chance of recovery anyway. xx


Once they are brown that wont recover, make sure you havent got 

ferns or bracken growing between, mine is dead in places from those. It will never become green there though. It could be wind burn if you live in an exposed area.


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