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I have a high reading of nitrogen in my vegetable plot can anyone please advise on how I can reduce the reading?



Grow something that uses a lot of nitrogen such as leafy greens, brassicas, and make sure you remove all the growth from the soil when you harvest it.


I would do as FB suggests.  If really bad (eg a previous owner went crazy with ammonium nitrate) you could mix sawdust with the soil which will take-in nitrogen as it decomposes.  This is exactly the reason you shouldn't normally use fresh sawdust on the garden as it removes nitrogen from the soil.


What is your nitrogen reading?  How did veg grow last year?  

Sawdust makes sense.....maybe use it as a mulch around emerging veg.   It will help comserve moisture too during the summer


Thanks for your advice.  Where would the best place be to get sawdust are we talking the kind you put in a rabbits hutch?

Verdun for the last couple of years my Wilja potatoes have been six foot high with obviously no potatoes to speak off when harvested.  I was told by a local garden centre that there was excess nitrogen in the soil.

I grow runner beans in the soil and they have always cropped well, brocoli didn't do too well last year.

I suspect I introduced the high nitrogen when I put fresh horse manure on the land in the autumn and now I can't seem to reduce the level in the soil.

David K what kind of mulch did you have in mind?



Woodgreen wonderboy

Runner beans, all beans, peas etc fix nitrogen out of the air into their roots. So they will make things worse.


Lettuce need nitrogen

I think I would simply add phosphorous and potash early in the spring.  During the growing season I would spray with seaweed or tomato feed.  

Thank you all for your advice.

I am looking for a soil testing kit to establish the level of nitrogen in the soil.  Anyone have any suggestions which brand? Harrods seem to be the best at the moment.

How would I obtain phosphorous?  Could I buy it from the garden centre? My apologies for seeming dense only this is new teritority for me.



You can buy from garden centres, DIY stores, etc.


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