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I have a shed which is a bit damp ... although I have checked for leaks in the roof etc. the roof has gone green.

I have put a carpet down in the shed ... is there any possibility that this is keeping it warm and any dampness in the shde cannot escape ?





is the felt worn . no hedge rubbing on it ?

Built of wood and about a year old.  Small and butting onto a brick garage (but not touching it).

No as its only a year old the felt is still new ... I've checked it for leaks and it seems fine !



My guess is condensation - perhaps some insulation in the roof might help?


What if I take out the carpet ?


If the carpet is latex backed, the floor won't be able to 'breathe'. Just try rolling the carpet up and leave it to stand for a week or two.

OK ... thankyou all very much ... I'll remove the carpet and see what happens !


I'd agree with the others Chris. If there are no obvious leaks, it's likely to be damp air and the carpet will just absorb it. Artjak's suggestion is a good one, or maybe even take the carpet out altogether for a while (if you can) and see if it helps.


Have you got a good air gap between the ground and the wooden floor?


Open the door and window if you can to allow the temperature inside and out to remain similar. Condensation and trapped moist air can cause the shed to feel damp.

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