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Smallish wee chap but still cost me £20. I know will take 10 yrs at least to grow..but would like to know why, since I have planted it in the ground from it's pot, has the edges curled up a little and i note day by day tipss are going brown.

I throw in bits n pieces, seaweed, potash, fish,blood etc etc Ergon. compost....i know perhaps too much  good stuff could be a shock for the thing.

Any thoughts though? Dont want him to die off.

Do you own a male dog? A cat? You know what I mean.....


What about your soil conditions garjobo- could it be waterlogged?

And I'm referring to a different 'water' from waterbutts!!

There's always the chance it could be honey fungus. Are there any stumps nearby? And what are the other plants that are nearby?

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