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Hi fellow gardeners,

Im after an answer to a Japonica problem, i have one that was re-planted, and it isnt growing as well as a younger one. Is this due to re-planting or lack of nutrients, or because it has more stems.? Should i cut it back or remove the younger stems to promote growth?

Also will an ever green Hedera, survive in an ericaceous soil?

Alina W

The fatsia should re-grow once it's settled. You don't want to encourage growth now - wait until spring and give it a good feed of a nitrogen-rich fertilizer (e.g., chicken manure pellets).


In Spring, should i cut back some of the old growth to encourage the plant also? 


I'd leave it well alone and apply that very useful gardener's standby - lots of patience.  I'm sure it'lll be fine   I wouldn't cut it back until it's beginning to outgrow it's space.

As for ivy (hedera) it'll grow virtually anywhere and everywhere.

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