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Probably a stupid question, but if I`ve put slow release fertilizers in my baskets do I still need to liquid feed them?


Probably, what have you got in the baskets?
The slow release should be enough on its own. If you have put the recommended amount in you may risk over feeding if you then add a liquid feed. If there are too many nutrients in the soil the plant will suffer as it will upset the chemical balance and it won't be able to absorb the food plus the higher balance of chemicals and nutrients in the soil will upset the chemical balance in the plant. You can cause more damage by over feeding than by not feeding at all.
Forgot to say slow release only lasts about 6 months so if it has being in that time then yes it will be ok to top up.

They were planted up bout april time. Just got petunias, lobelia etc. They all look fine good growth green leaves.


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