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11/07/2013 at 21:09

It's a weird place that cats occupy, isn't it? If a child, adult human, puppy, adult dog, pet crocodile, wild crocodile, eagle, fox or bear were to capture a human or any pet and deliberately kill it very slowly rather than quickly, then abandon the corpse once its suffering could bring no more pleasure, they'd be hunted down and destroyed ... or incarcerated in a mental home, in the human perpetrator case. If a dog did that to a cat, the dog owner would be selling the house to pay the compensation costs and be banned from ever owning another dog. When grey squirrels come into my garden and go for the birds' food and their nests, I can legally blow holes in them, as long as I'm careful about it, and I can likewise shoot rats and pigeons. If someone shot a dog to save their cat in their own garden, they'd probably get away with it, but if I were to acquire a .357 Magnum and a load of Glaser blue safety slugs (responsible shooter here, after all) or legally acquire a hunting rifle (and choose my angles carefully) or shotgun and blow away a cat to protect the songbirds in my garden, I'd be in all sorts of trouble, wouldn't I? "Oh, my precious little angel" and all that. Then if you mention the birds they tell you "It's nature." Yeah? If a stonking great golden eagle sets up home around here and takes to eating cats, will the cat owners accept that "it's nature" then, too?

I say that if the thing's "companionship" is that vaulable to you, you should keep it where it can "accompany" you: indoors. See for a comic about two indoor cats that are kept indoors. Yes, they use a litter tray.

Maybe the answer is to get a cat of my own, not so I can be infected with mind-altering parasites (that's a thing) and fall in love with moggies in general, but so that I can use against the invaders the one weapon their owners have decreed fair to use against anything, anywhere, any time. I wonder whether cheetahs or ocelots are more fiercely territorial.

11/07/2013 at 23:18
Mummy Muddy Paws wrote (see)

Get a water scarecrow.  That does the job, the ultrasonic cat repelling efforts are a waste of your money.  The contech one looks the best, I will be getting one of these in a few months when I move, as I KNOW the house I'm moving into is used as a public latrine for most of the furry vermin (cats) in the area.  You connect the water scarecrow to the hosepipe, place in the area of your garden you want to protect, and it squirts a jet of water at anything the motion detector picks up.  As you aren't in the garden at the time, the cats start to associate that area of your garden as having bad mojo (they go there and an odd thing squirts them with water), and give it a wide berth.

I'm a dog person and not really a cat person, I have kids and don't want them coming in after playing out covered in cat poo, it's bad enough picking up dog poo, but I knew I'd have to do that when I got the dog, I do get fed up of picking up cat poo (dog is old and can no longer catch the buggers).

What you're suggesting is impractical and a waste of everyone's time and money.  The horse has expired, stop flogging it and lay out some readies on the contech scarecrow, then come back all excited and tell us you've figured out how to keep out cats.



Just did a search on this scarecrow thing, wish I had heard about it before as I have just spent £50.00 on sonic devices, not yet used them as I have only had delivery today.

The only problem with these that I see, is that you have to have the hose connected all the time. As my garden is mostly lawn with the flower beds in the middle I would have to have the hose laying on the grass, that would cause yellowing if not moved every day and a bit of hassle when it comes to cutting the grass.

But, if it works, I guess it would be worth it.

As I have just purchased the sonic things I will give them a try first. But thank you for being polite, and understanding. Its obvious most of the previous responants were "cat people".

Makes me laugh really. I know that the e-petition will not change the law....all I wanted was to raise my voice and get it heard. 

I rather like CHARLIE NOVEMBERS entry as well, and maybe he has a point....I am always being told to get rid of cats, to get one of my own.....Charlie, do you know where I can buy a tige or a lion from? That would sort the problem out....but then I wouldn't be able to use the garden then either....LOL.

Oh the petition as almost gone into double figures....hahah....Take care people. 


12/07/2013 at 16:28

Buy a decent quality hose and then bury it in your lawn.  No unsightly  hose, no yellow grass, no hassles and no cats.  You might want to make a bit of small flowerbed or something underneath it, to make sure you don't accidentally chop off the bit of hose that has to come up to the scarecrow to connect it.  Make sure you turn it off whenever you go down the garden.  Or don't bother trying to remember, once you've been soaked a couple of times, you WILL remember to turn off the tap.  Not compatible with the hoselock aquastop or autostop or whatever it's called, so make sure you use a cheap & cheerful connector.

At the risk of upsetting the cat lovers on here, there's more than one way to skin a cat.

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