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hi can anybody help me i have a female dog and she is scorching the grass has anybody any ideas to stop this happening


Pour a bucket of water over the puddle as soon as she's finished to dilute it!


I don't have a dog but I think my neighbour buys special 'rocks' (presumably from a pet supplies store) to put in her female dog's water bowl.

She says they work.


You can buy various preparations from GC or pet shop,good idea to dilute it meanwhile.


Funnily enough our female dog has never been a problem, but our male dog, p's up against everything i plant killing large amounts of leaves. 



Not really, i have to follow him round with a watering can alot of the time. Particularly when he finds a new plant attractive, he's getting better but there are a couple of plants i just can't keep him off, one being a morracan mint, which is only really only there for it's scent so i just let him pee on it, then cut back the damage shoots, there is always plenty of growth to replace it. 


I cook for my dog ( yes she is spoilt ), someone told me that tomatoes stop their wee scorching the grass, and it does seem to be helping, I just make sure most days she has one by add a tinned tom to her dinner or chop up a fresh


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