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Hi I have a raised bed and am going to plant veg but not sure of what kind of fertiliser to buy. Can anyone advise Cogie
Are you looking for an organic or proprietary chemical fertiliser?
Organic if possible

If you live near the sea collect some seaweed and make your own by covering in about twice its volume of water in a dark bin or covered bucket for about 6 weeks.  If not collect fresh nettles & submerge in water for 2 - 3 weeks.  Put about a cupful into a watering can and voila!  My veggies loved it last year. 


Or if you don't, pelleted chicken manure or blood, fish and bone are worth considering. Do you have composting facilities? Or access to well rotted manure?
Hi figrat I don't have composting facilities but there is a horse riding school near would that manure do
It does need to be well rotted before you use it. Big advantage with it is that it not only provides nutrients but improves soil structure. If I were you I'd go and have a chat with them.

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