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Now the weather is getting colder at night should I wrap up my fig tree. I have about 4 figs growing do I keep these, they are bigger than a pea, is that correct, or should I take off the larger ones and keep the smaller than pea figs, very confusing for a newbie.  

I see on the website not to feed my new lawn, I see a couple of weeds poking through but as wrote on another thread I will take them out next spring.  

regards Chris


Do not wrap your fig, it is hardy.  Can't remember if it was in a pot or the ground.

Remove any figlet bigger than a very small pea; it will fall off anyway in the Spring. If it is big enough to be recognisably a fig, remove it.

I wouldn't feed your new lawn, otherwise it will make a lot of lush growth which will be frost-damaged in a month or so.  If you can nip any weeds out now, that's good.  You will be busy enough in the Spring.

Unsure what size you are saying. If figs are very small, pea size.....give or take..... I would fleece them in colder weather. The idea is that these embryonic fruits will continue to grow in spring. Nothing to lose by fleecing. Re your lawn, if you can remove those weeds easily without damaging grass then do so. Not with lawn weed killer till next spring though.
It's not about fig tree being certainly is. The emerging fruits will be lost if you do nothing. You choose chris9 and let us know in spring how it's fared...then we will know for sure. I am suggesting you fleece the fruits


Thanks for the quick response and great advice.

The fruit is over a pea size and it is in a pot.  But it is a bit thin and and spindly and just had a thought  as you mentioned before in another of my post Chris2 I will cut a third off early spring to thicken it up, so the fruit will be lost next spring anyway.  The weeds in the lawn are very small so will leave till next spring.  

Thanks again.




Hiya chris9. Since fig is in a pot can you bring it into greenhouse. How tall is fig? Would certainly fleece whole lot including the pot. Before you cut it .....I didn't realise it may be young pant.........tell us bit more. Has it been growing n good sun and the compost, is it good too? I would be using John innis number 3 not multipurpose. Has it been watered regularly?

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