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I have just bought my first house which comes with a full (but neglected) garden of plants, shrubs and trees. I am completely new to gardening and would love some help in identifing some of the plants. At the moment I have no idea which are weeds or even if they are dead or alive?! Please help by going to my Flickr account and having a look. I need as much help as I can get! 

Username Newgardengirl


Lucy x 

(ps - apologies that some of the pictures aren't rotated I didn't know how!)

Dragon 87

Hi  Lucy

CONGRATULATIONS .Hope you'll be happy in your new home (It's special)!

I can see some clearly (others not , but i doubt i would know all anyway !)..

Would later on /tomorrow be ok ? .. Unless someone can answer completely !...No probs either way !... Good luck

No rush Dragon 87 - even identifing one plant would help! I've decided to walk before I can run and planted 3 hanging baskets and 2 containers. As for the garden - I watered it and crossed my fingers. ...!


ps. Any plants you recognise on my Flickr gallery. just click on the photo and you can comment underneath.

Thanks again!



Wow, loads of photos but here goes only had time to go through first 37!
1. Hosta
2. Box (i think can't really be sure from that pic)
3. Pittosporum (again not totally sure)
4. Bay? Check the leaves smell
5. Conifer - not good on my conifer id's
6. Nearest is cornus, flowering shrub in background is camellia
7. Looks dead, maybe a dried out Azalea
8. Bay
9. Mahonia
10. Hydrangea
11. Cotoneaster?? Escallonia?
12. Cornus
13. Vinca
14. Mahonia
15. Hosta
16. Escallonia
17. Aucuba
18. ?
19. ?
20. Mahonia
21. Spiraea
22. Clematis armandii
23. Anemone
24. Cotinus
25. Elaeagnus
26. ?
27. ?
28. Buddleja
29. Bluebells, not sure what the dead from last years perennial growth is.
30. Lavandula
31. not sure whats what here
32. Geranium
33. Acer
34. Garrya eliptica
35. Peris
36. Cotoneaster
37. Crocosmia

Hopefully these aren't too far off the mark although it's hard to tell from some of the photos. Hope this helps and if I get a chance I'll look over the other half.

Hiya, your new garden  & plants look fantastic, although I haven't looked through them all. I've  been in my home for 15 months now and the best thing was learning about what was already in the garden over the year  and how I can add to it. This is my first proper garden and I love it.

I'm in my 2nd year here now, there's still a few surprises but I can name most of the plants that are here.

It's only Spring, so it may take a while for the plants to come through which will make it easier for you to identify. For what it's worth I think you have a lot of perinnals & established plants/shrubs. Lucky you

 The last pic, I would suggest is a bit like a wall flower.

My advice as I as  novice gardener is enjoy it and see what happens

Lucky lucky you, what a wonderful first garden, lots of lovely things.   Hope someone got you some secateurs for a house warming present, a little over due pruning required, but don't worry about it, things will sort themselves out with time.   I agree with AliP on just about all of the pics.   Enjoy ! 

Thanks for your help and tips all!

AliP - Wow - that was more than I was expecting and definitely enough to start me off.

I have a gardening encyclopedia bought very cheap from chaity shop that explains the here goes.....!

Hopefully I'll post back next year with a posh garden to show off!!

Lucy x

Have tried to name some on your flicker page hope im right . A lot of the plants i have in my garden too. The rhododendron is an acid loving soil as is camelia, so if these are in the ground and not a pot you can grow azaleas, blueberries and acers too.

Beautiful garden.  I'm a beginner but you have a couple which look like plants in my garden.

0590 looks like one of the Golden Spiraea

0596 looks similar to Star Jasmine but not 100% so.0579 geranium or Cranesbill?

0560 Euonymus?

0581 Berberis?

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