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I've just joined today and not sure where to post yet!

I've been told I can put fish blood and bone on my lawn but I'm not sure of the quantity to use.   And do I water it in immediately?



Sprinkle 2 oz (50g) per square yard very evenly in spring and water in immediately. Too much or not watered in will burn the lawn, and cause bare patches.

Welcome lileebee

I use fish blood and bone.  However, I wouldnt use it on the lawn for 3 reasons

Its can buy special lawn feed much cheaper

Its likely to encourage foxes, etc., to dig holes in your, blood and bone.?

Its slow acting...blood has quick acting nitrogen but not,sufficient to boost grass growth sufficiently,this summer

I would use liquid lawn tonic or granules.  Then water,in well.  Wouldn't use any fertiliser on lawn just yet though.....far too hot and dry


Thanks very much for your replies, it's a great deal of help.

Thought it was too hot and dry to do at the moment, don't want to make the lawn look worse than it is

Never gave the foxes a thought!


The foxes seem to prefer the flowerbeds.  Easier to bury things. I dug up a sausage last week. Someones left over from a `bbq I think.



Liquid is far better in this weather lilleybee, something like Miracle Gro Lawn Food or Evergreen is another type.  I'd wait till we've had some rain though.

Fidget, funny how ??ou knew exactly where that sausage was!!


No, I was just forking it over to put some dahlias in. its very strange to find sausages growing in the garden.

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