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Over the past couple of days I've noticed some flat green bugs on my tomatoes (grown outside) I've done a little research and I think they could be Green Stink Bugs. I've only seen them on 1 particular tomato.

Are they good bugs or bad?

Is the friut still ok to eat?  


lots of flat green things about, how about a picture

Sounds like greenfly?? Could it be that simple? If so, spray with NON systemic insecticide.


just looked up green stink bug and it's a sheild bug. Different scale altogether. a pic would tell us for sure

Are they a sort of shield shape and quite a size? If so, there are dozens of different insects called shield bugs. They all have a favourite host plant but will take a stab (literally) at anything if they are desperate.

They aren't what you would call bad because they are usually only found singly and one bug can't really do a lot of damage. They usually make the part of the plant they have   sucked the sap from look a bit deformed.

Yes, the tomatoes are fine to eat.



Here are a couple of photos of the bugs to help with identification. Thank you




that's a nice site Bob, I've bookmarked it


We like shield bugs - sight of one in the garden causes great excitement 

I've bookmarked that site too and sent it to OH 


Ok thank you...they can stay then 


Great site Bob! When she was little, oldest daughter used to love holding the little green shield bugs we get here . Now I know why it took her so long to walk home from school. 

Are they edible? They look to be rich in protein!!

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