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Steve the Gardening Vet

Anyone have any sensible and not hugely expensive way of dealing with flooding? Not hugely deep but it does spread out a bit!


From someone who remembers Guildford- when the river flooded the lower part of the town 50 or so years ago-

there is nothing you can do-it is just one of those things-unless you want to move.

Steve the Gardening Vet

I was thinking more of ways to drain it a bit without using a trug!

I'm going to investigate using a syphon hose as the drain should be lower but it is 30 feet away. Syphons work on gravity and can tolerate a bit of a lift in the middle as long as the end is lower so I might be onto a winner...



No good asking me. I can't tell the pond from the lawn.



If it's not in your home and out buildings think yourself lucky and wait for the natural order of things to do the job -eventually. PATIENCE


Steve the Gardening Vet

Oh I know that, it is more that the damned dog insists on running through it like a buffoon and that takes her across the flowerbeds!


And most of us have  daft dogs as well, and towells

I remeber high tides as a child by the sea before flood barriers were put in place. Water came up through the drains and there was no stopping it. It didn't matter how many sand bags you had at the front door. Water rose from the cellars of our homes and we had to sit on a step waiting for the tide to recede before the next one came. I'm only talking 30 yrs ago. 

Keep the dog on a lead. 

Steve the Gardening Vet

I'm not going to keep the dog on the lead in the garden. Thankfully it is down the bottom of the garden and more of a pain in the arse than an actual problem!

Sorted then, once the water recedes the pain will go away

Steve the Gardening Vet
It's all my own fault really. Stripping away a bit of the lawn to make a seating area and putting those two raised beds in. I'm going to stab the lawn enthusiastically next year and wield a brush with lots of sharp sand and see if I can improve the drainage a bit in the damp bits. Putting up the final raised bed will get rid of the biggest puddle too but I guess that will just end up choosing the next lowest spot! Now I wish I'd stabbed the ground under the big area of weed membrane under the stony seating part as I wonder if the membrane has slowed the drainage and that's part of the issue!
Steve Johnson wrote (see)
......... I wonder if the membrane has slowed the drainage and that's part of the issue!

Got it in one!  Same thing's happening right across the country 


The last time the insurance people had a carpet cleaner chap do the interior,but he said the background smell would never go away,so in the end new carpets ,the wet ones were 4 weeks old good luck  Steve

Steve the Gardening Vet

Oh splendid, I managed to double post, hours apart by clicking 'refresh' this morning and can't manage to delete the post without leaving a gap so this is a filler!


Steve the Gardening Vet
flowering rose wrote (see)

I am getting a boat,its easier.


On other websites there is a like button. Here, I have to do this instead!

I agree with Steve might as well trade car in for a boat

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