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I had work done on the garden and cordoned a patch off with sleepers to use as a bed. The problem is the soil within is in bad shape, loads and loads of old root systems from previous flowers and plants, weeds coming through underground from next door etc. Is there anything I can do over the winter to help make the soil better for the Spring? ie cover with a sheet etc, or should I bite the bullet, remove as much as I can and start again with fresh soil/manure?

Thanks for any advice


Dig it over, pull out the roots and dispose of them then cover the bed with manure, with the exception of any area where you intend to grow root veg such as carrots or parsnips.  The worms and the winter weather will do the rest of the work for you and it should rake down easily in the spring ready to sow and plant your veg.

Far better to spend your money on manure than on topsoil.  

If there are weeds coming through from next door dig out what you can then fix a vertical root-proof membrane along the boundary as described here

they suggest using damp proof membrane from builders' suppliers but specialist stuff is also available 

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Many thanks as always Dovefromabove

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