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Can any one help me identify the red headed shrub I came across recently in Cephalonia Greec.The owner of the place I stumbled on it gave me the following names but I am unable to find anything that resembles it.Veloxdo & Benoxdo



Thank you. I am sorry I am late replying but I have spent some time incapacitated.

Could you let me know when the ideal time is for planting the seeds as the owner of a café in Cephalonia gave me some when we were there visiting.

Thank you  


Sorry to hear you've been unwell - hope you're much better now 

I've never grown them but I understand they need a soil temp of 60F so you'll need a heated propagator and a heated greenhouse or conservatory unless we get an exceptional UK summer.

Good luck. 

All Tropical plants and a few sub-Tropical plants require minimum 60 degrees (even in our winter) and Celosia is somewhere between the two. Do not overwater but spray the leaves with water every 3-4 days for humidity.

Most of our Orchids are now in full flower in the conservatory, again, with night minimum temperature of 60-65F. What a wonderful sight! This time last year my wife and I were at `Orchid World` in Barbados surrounded by 30,000 plants in the gardens - if you are interested in Orchids I cannot think of anywhere else to see such a varied and fabulous display. Start saving!!

PS Dove, have you sown our Tomato seeds yet? Only 7 days for me!!!

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