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I have started to grow flowers for cutting and have found that the deer are eating the heads - for example carnations and yarrow never get to bloom.  They were also eating my veggies although I have found a solution to that but the flowers are proving more of challenge as I don't want to hide them.

Are there flowers for cutting which deer don't like?

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Deer were a dreadful problem in my garden, until my OH fenced a good part of it. One year I hardly had any flowers at all. One flower they never ate is dahlia.

I always envy the "deer eating my plants" problem, boy i wish i lived somewhere remote enough to have that problem 



You wouldn't envy it if you had it! Reduced me to tears. You spend a lot of time creating a lovely garden then there are no flowers. We fenced the veg garden too, they ate the spinach, lettuces, cabbages, carrots, peas, sweet corn and all the runner bean leaves to chest height.

Sorry it made you upset. I live in a town now so never see deer. Maybe I'd give up the garden and  just look at the beautiful deer grazing instead.

Thanks all for your responses.  I'll have a look at the RHS and Beechgrove sites. 

On the veggie problem, I have raised beds (2 railway sleepers high) and surround them (internally) by a screen of shading fabric fixed to canes.  The top of this fabric is about 3 to 4 ft off the ground.  I had carrots and peas for the first time in several years!

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