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Definitely not a sunflower.

ya just realised that

thanks for that i take it that this flowers change colouer i dont know much about flowers

got to go to work now


A trick florists use to change the colours of pale flowers is to put food colouring in the water - it does work I've done it in the past.


they always come with food to but in the water


Plant/flower food is not the same as food colouring. Food colouring is a dye which is used in bakery/cooking.

yes i know but i thougt you ment they mix it in

That is not a sunflower, I started mine in a propergator and its only just ready to go outside, definately not flowering!


I would also go with gerbera for the first flower.

The chrysanths I bought last year that were white, went a pale pink after a couple of weeks, I assumed because they were artificially forced that somehow they had shaded them to change the colour.


They also dip buds in colour so that might be why the crysants are pink on the outside and white in the middle

Adam Pasco

Yes, flowers can change colour as they develop, and many, many do. Take a look at my blog from last autumn about Tulip 'Antoinette'. This tulip starts as a pale yellow colour, but gradually becomes more pink as it develops and faded.

You can see the same thing happening with many roses too.

This is a very different thing from a new plant growing with a different coloured flower from its parent, or perhaps one stem on a plant carrying flowers with a different colour from teh rest of that plant.


Thaty's us told

Do you thik what's happened with the Gerber Adam?

Adam Pasco

It's hard to say, as I have not grown enough gerbera to have experienced this myself at first hand. However, this is a distinct possibility.

thank you to all that reply


it is not uncommon for flowers grown for cut flowers to have there colours enhanced or changed by adding colouring compounds to water/feed whilst they are growing but when these are put in a vase with normal water the colour can eventually fade and leech out, sometimes the colour can actually be seen in the water in the vase after a few days 

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